// z4lab manifesto

"player quality is more important than player quanity for us"

this gaming community was created by totles in mid 2018 and for one simple reason, to provide a "safe haven" for like-minded people who are sick of the current state of the cs:go community. after I came back from my cs:go break (between 2016-2018) I was shocked when I joined a surf server, the community was always a bit toxic but I always thought the core of the community was a bunch of chill people, this view changed for me in the coming days

Back in the days I really enjoyed surfing and while one of my favourite community died between my break I couldn't find a community which enforces strict rules to keep the servers clean, simply because most of them want to spam you with ads, sell you VIP packages and make money off as many people they can. that's where z4lab comes into place

I don't care about money, I don't care about player numbers, I care about a safe place, a little corner where people can come and relax and have fun and so I started this community, since I'm software engineer it didn't take me too long to dive into cs:go servers and the depths of SourceMod. we currently provide many of the popular game modes back in my days (surfing, kz, arena and ffa) but you can always find an up-to-date server list at https://z4lab.com

we are and always will be very strict with mutes and bans, as mentioned above we want people who enjoy the game and have a great time, if that means we have to mute/ban players to accomplish that, we will do so: player quality is more important than player quantity for us

we try the best to be there for the players like us, who don't complain in chat if someone is toxic/racist and just *sighs deeply* and mutes the player themselves, we try to take this burden so you the player can start enjoying the game again

on april 25th 2019 Ace became "co-owner" of z4lab.com