[2019-08-28] ------ * **[DISCORD]** Updated to [Discord-Bot 1.25.0](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-discord-bot) [2019-08-18] ------ * **[SURF]** Updated to [SurfTimer 274](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/blob/274/CHANGELOG.md) [2019-08-16] ------ * **[SURF]** Updated to [SurfTimer 273](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/blob/273/CHANGELOG.md) [2019-08-14] ------ * **[SURF]** Updated to [SurfTimer 272](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/blob/272/CHANGELOG.md) [2019-08-13] ------ * **[SURF]** Updated to [SurfTimer 271](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/blob/271/CHANGELOG.md) [2019-08-11] ------ * **[SURF]** Updated to [SurfTimer 270](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/blob/270pre/CHANGELOG.md) [2019-08-01] ------ * **[SURF]** Updated to [SurfTimer 261](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/releases/tag/261) [2019-07-31] ------ * **[SURF]** Updated to [SurfTimer 2.6](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/releases/tag/2.6) [2019-07-15] ------ * **[SYSTEM]** Updated to Debian 10 "Buster" [2019-06-29] ------ * **[DISCORD]** Fixed some bugs and added `.weather` command! [2019-06-24] ------ * Updated all servers to SourceMod (1.9 6281) * **[DISCORD]** Fixed several bugs, especially `.whitelist` is working again! [2019-06-09] ------ * **[SURF]** added *"surf_garden"* and *"surf_cyberwave"* on our Pro/Beginner Surf Server [2019-05-06] ------ * Updated all servers to SourceMod (1.9 6280) * **[SURF]** Began development on [SurfTimer 2.6](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer/tree/release) * **[SURF]** Enabled "VIP" tag in Scoreboard and Chat [2019-04-25] ------ * Updated Discord Bot to Version `1.19.2` * Ace became Co-Owner of z4lab.com * **[SURF]** Updated [SurfTimer](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer) to `2.5` * **[SURF]** Fixed ckMapchooser bug on the Pro and VIP Surf Server [2019-03-29] ------ * Updated all servers to SourceMod (1.9 6276) * **[SURF]** Updated *"stripper"* to latest build - since it wasn't working after todays update * **[SURF]** Fixed an Metamod x64 binary error [2019-03-22] ------ * **[SURF]** added prestrafe message (can be turned on in !options -> Miscellaneous Options) * **[SURF]** added bonus record announcements for discord [2019-03-19] ------ * Updated [z4lab-hub](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-hub) on all servers - this fixed a server crash bug which was discovered today * **[SURF]** changed from *"RandomMapCycle"* to *"ckMapchooser"* on the VIP Surf Server (for testing and maybe for future implementing on the Beginner Server) * **[DEV]** Changed gamemode on our Dev Server, testing plugins in "Competitive" is hard :/ [2019-03-16] ------ * **[SURF]** changed from *"RandomMapCycle"* to *"ckMapchooser"* on the Pro Surf Server [2019-03-14] ------ * Added [Flupsi](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113507666) as trial-mod - welcome! * **[SURF]** Fixed `rtv` which wasn't working on the pro server [2019-03-07] ------ * Upgraded [zohu](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198442561280) to Full Admin, yeay! * **[SURF]** Database cleanup and removal of glitched stage records * **[SYSTEM]** Discord system user change (security) * **[SYSTEM]** rdiff-backup updated with new game servers and configs [2019-03-06] ------ * Updated [z4lab-hub](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-hub) on all servers * Added a Minecraft Server! Installation Guide is [here](https://z4lab.com/minecraft/), for help use our new Discord channel `#minecraft` * Updated some TeamSpeak settings/channels * **[SURF]** Added *"surf_benevolent"* on our Beginner/VIP Surf Server [2019-03-04] ------ * Server maintenance done [Packages updates, Kernel upgrade, cleanup, reboot] * Updated map images for SourceBans [Surf Servers] * **[FFA]** Fixed map changing bug, it's now `de_dust2` only again * **[SURF]** changed *"RandomMapCycle"* on the Beginner/VIP Surf Server [2019-03-03] ------ * **[SURF]** changed *"RandomMapCycle"* on the Pro Surf Server * **[SURF]** Added 8 new maps on the Pro Surf Server * **[SURF]** Added 2 new maps on the Beginner/VIP Surf Server * **[SURF]** Changed startmap on our Surf Servers [2019-02-28] ------ * fixed a few config erros on our servers * updated our workshop collection and cleaned up old maps * Updated Discord Bot to Version `1.19.1` * updated our [z4lab-hub](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-hub) plugin with a few fixes and a new alert sound * **[SURF]** Switched to *"SurfTimer"* on our Pro Server, all previous stats on this server were resetted * **[SURF]** Disabled `sv_prime_accounts_only` on the Pro Surf Server [2019-02-27] ------ * clean up of our SourceMod Installations (old, cfg, extensions, plugins) * Installed our own [Plugin](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-hub) for welcome message, chat triggers and chat information * Updated Discord Bot to Version `1.19.0` * **[SURF]** Updated SurfTimer to `2.3.1` * **[SURF]** Fixed the *"redirect"* plugin on our Surf Servers again * **[SURF]** Preparation for the Pro Server upgrade to *"Surftimer"* * **[SURF]** Increased maptime to 60 minutes on the VIP/Whitelist Server [2019-02-25] ------ * [Infographic](https://z4lab.com/archive/dbreset/main.png) for our dropped *"cksurf"* database (last 3 months) * Our server names were updated, including tags * Setup proper build enviroment for SourceMod Plugins * **[SURF]** Enabled the *"redirect"* plugin on our Beginner Surf Server again * **[FFA]** Server is now *"Prime Only"* * **[FFA]** Decreased maptime to 10 minutes * **[FFA]** Disabled spawnprotection completely: `dm_spawn_protection_time 0` [2019-02-18] ------ * Updated map images for SourceBans * New Map Records from our Surf Servers will now be announced on Discord * **[SURF]** Our Beginner Surf Server and VIP/Whitelist Surf Server are sharing now the same database/replay bots * **[SURF]** Switch to *"SurfTimer"* on our Beginner and VIP/Whitelist Server is done, all previous times, ranks and points were removed - the Pro Server will follow soon * **[SURF]** Added `!trail` for VIP on our Beginner and VIP/Whitelist Server - the Pro Server will get this aswell soon * **[SURF]** Added new commands: `!calladmin` - `!bug` - `!report` - the Pro Server will get this aswell soon [2019-02-17] ------ * Added [zohu](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198442561280) as trial-mod - welcome! * Discord "Roles" color change to [NORD](https://github.com/arcticicestudio/nord) * Our [Discord Bot](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-discord-bot) has many new features added and many more is in the pipeline! * Updated Discord Channels to provide more Information on our new SurfTimer * Removed many plugins on all servers which are not needed or came back after SourceMod Update (this should increase performance) * Preparation for tomorrows switch from *"ckSurf"* to our own version of [SurfTimer](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer) - big thanks to ace and everybody testing our version on the VIP Surf Server in the last weeks! you guys are the best <3 * **[SURF]** Switched to our own [workshop collection](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1651983928) on our Beginner and VIP/Whitelist Server - Pro, Arena and KZ will follow soon * **[SYSTEM]** Updated packages and general server maintenance [2019-02-08] ------ * **[SURF]** Fixed *"vote extend bug"* - kudos to ace * **[SURF]** Added `surf_ace` to our servers [2019-02-06] ------ * Added [Saj](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198383518363) as trial-mod - welcome! * Updated *"mapchooser.smx"* to a newer version (might help with map change crash / map stuck after roundtime) * Changed to dark theme on our sourcebans install * **[KZ]** Updated to the latest GOKZ version * **[KZ]** Decreased maptime to 45 minutes * **[KZ]** Added 21 new maps, 40 maps in total now, full [map list here](https://z4lab.com/archive/kz-maplist.txt) * **[KZ]** Starmap is now *"kz_serenity"* * **[SURF]** Added [surf_aser](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1645577469) to our surf servers (available later tonight) [2019-01-30] ------ * Fixed discord bot bug which displayed wrong map times * Added simple [stats page](https://z4lab.com/berk-stats/) for our root server (will add more in the future) [2019-01-29] ------ * Discord Bot should no longer lose connection to database * **[ARENA]** Fixed the server - you can now join again (disconnect on kill and max players -1) * **[SURF]** The new *"VIP/Whitelist Surf Server"* is now up and running and available for testing, please report bugs to me via discord * **[SURF]** ~~Removed *"Movement Unlocker"* and *"RNGFixer"* and~~ set cvar to `sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities 0` on all surf servers - thanks to Vaporeonus * **[SYSTEM]** Updated packages and general server maintenance while steam was down [2019-01-26] ------ * Updated discord bot with new whitelist feature (you find instructions on how to use this feature in our vip channel as pinned message) [2019-01-24] ------ * Fixed the exploit which was used in the attack yesterday on our *"Beginner Surf Server"* on all our servers * Installed [cidr blocker](https://cidr-blocker.github.io) on all our servers * Added new *"VIP/Whitelist Surf Server"* to our homepage, discord and steam group * **[SURF]** New *"VIP/Whitelist Surf Server"* is up and running (will announce when we go live) * **[SYSTEM]** Installed *"fail2ban"*, *"mod_evasive"* and other tools to help against attacks in the future * **[SYSTEM]** Apache security settings hardened * **[SYSTEM]** More security measurements were put in places (not disclosed of course) * **[SYSTEM]** Changed *"ntp"* to `time.google.com` since we had a rare problem with time sync on our database [2019-01-21] ------ * Updated all servers to SourceMod (1.9 6275) - GeoIP fix * Added new dev mysql server for discord bot and cksurf development * Added Discord Server alerts for staff members * **[SURF]** Replay bot for bonus stages is enabled on both servers now [2019-01-16] ------ * Upgraded *"tunichtgut"* to full admin * Updated all servers to SourceMod (1.9 6274) * Improved update check for csgo servers with *"lgsm"* * **[KZ]** Updated to the latest GOKZ version * **[SURF]** Disabled `noclip` on both servers * **[SYSTEM]** Added additional monitoring and backup for our gameserves and database [2019-01-12] ------ * Upgraded *"Joker"* to full admin * Added *"Core Admin"* group including: Sofie, itiri and Ace * Updated our *"SourceBans"* [star-theme](https://github.com/brhndursun/SourceBans-StarTheme) to the latest version * Max plaxer changes: *"Beginner 64 | Arena 32 | FFA 16"* * Further *"rotating chat information"* tweaks * **[SURF]** Fixed some ckSurf translation typos and space issues * **[SYSTEM]** Fixed apt-repo issues, upgraded outdated packages * **[SYSTEM]** Rebalanced `nice` limits for further performance increase * **[SYSTEM]** Changed our backup and restarting service scripts to 0730 since we moved our gameserver restart time to that [2019-01-11] ------ * Discord Bot update to 1.3 * Major Discord Server changes (channels, information and much more) * Upgraded *"zoder"* and *"luxyy"* to full admins [2019-01-10] ------ * Started our second giveaway: https://z4lab.com/giveaway (first winner: https://imgur.com/a/fcyTFmi) * Updated our *"server commands"* and *"rotating chat information"* with the new giveaway [2019-01-04] ------ * postponed discord bot and discord update a few days.. :( * fixed bug in global server cvar `sv_ace_respond_time "-1"` correct value is now `sv_ace_respond_time "42"` * **[SURF]** Decreased maptime to 42 minutes on the *"Beginner Surf Server"* [2019-01-03] ------ * Added some `nice` options in linux for better game server performance * Added `!manifesto` command on all servers * Updated our homepage with new *"about"* page * Added [zoder](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198199247691) as trial-mod - welcome! * Added [tunichtgut](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198125287552) as trial-mod - welcome! * **[SURF]** Zoned `bonus1` and `bonus2` on *"surf_reprise"* - thanks ace [2019-01-02] ------ * Happy new year to everyone! * Added [Luxyy](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198877476622) as trial-mod - welcome! * Upgraded *"Ace"* to full admin * Updated all servers to SourceMod (1.9 6273) * Added [z4lab Manifesto](https://z4lab.com/manifesto/) * ** [FFA] ** Increased max bots to 14 again * ** [FFA] ** Removed buged translation files * ** [FFA] ** Fixed server announcements * **[DEV]** Changed our practice server to a dev server, it will still start with practice mode enabled [2018-12-29] ------ * Updated *"Chat Responder"* to fit our new chat message style * Updated our *"SourceBans"* [star-theme](https://github.com/brhndursun/SourceBans-StarTheme) to the latest version * **[KZ]** Preparation for switch from *"GOKZ Plugin"* * **[SURF]** Increased *"ck_pre_start_speed"* to `350` from `320` on both surf servers * **[SURF]** Minor *"cksurf"* setting changes (VIP Mute, VIP Extend, Center Timer Information and other stuff) * **[DISCORD]** BOT upgrades and optimisations - check [GitHub](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-discord-bot) for more Information [2018-12-28#2] ------ * ** [FFA] ** Disabled voice chat and removed some obsolete plugins * **[SURF]** Increased max players to 42 on the *"Beginner Surf Server"* [2018-12-28] ------ * Big Discord Bot update, much thanks again to Ace for his wonderful work <3 * Updated all servers to SourceMod (1.9 6270) * ** [FFA] ** Decreased max bots from 14 to 12 (performance reasons) * ** [FFA] ** Roundtime is now 15 minutes instead of 14 and warmup time is now 3 seconds instead of 5 * **[SURF]** Decreased max players to 32 on the *"Beginner Surf Server"* (AFK Manager will follow soon) * **[SURF]** Installed RNGFix on both surf servers * **[7D2D]** Installed a *"7 days to die"* Server - if you wanna join contact [me](https://steamcommunity.com/id/dat-lewis) [2018-12-26] ------ * Many updates to our discord bot (try `!help` for more information) * Upgraded *"Bob"* to full admin * Added custom reasons for our `!calladmin` plugin * Plugin cleanup (removed plugins which aren't needed anymore) * Updated our custom welcome message, plugin is now available on [GitHub](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-welcome-message) * **[KZ]** Reduced max plaxers to 16 * **[SURF]** Installed *"movement unlocker*" on both surf servers * **[SURF]** Increased max players to 64 on the *"Beginner Surf Server"* for performance monitoring (this will change again soon) * **[SURF]** Another fix attempt for map the map cycle bug on the *"Beginner Surf Server"* * **[SURF]** Temporarily disabled *"vote extend"* on the *"Beginner Surf Server"* [2018-12-23] ------ * Added custom discord bot with surf functions, thanks to [ace](https://github.com/13ace37/discordjs-surftimer) * Updated rotating chat information with new styles and colors - thanks sofie * Added `!calladmin` plugin - if no admin is online use this command to get in touch with us * **[SURF]** Fixed problem that *"surf_beginner"* wouldn't change map [2018-12-22] ------ * Installed *"Accelerator"* on all our servers * Community optimizations like rule updates, discord channel updates and so on - thanks Sofie for your help * **[SURF]** Increased maptime to 45 minutes on the Beginner server again * **[SURF]** Updated to our own [ckSurf Version](https://github.com/totles/z4lab-ckSurf) * **[SURF]** Surf *"Casual Rank"* color fix, thanks itiri for informing me * **[SURF]** Finally fixed *"vote extend/rtv mapchange*" bug - thanks Ace for your help [2018-12-21] ------ * Added [Ace](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198235937094) as trial-mod - welcome! * **[SURF]** Enabled Replay Bot again on both servers, thanks to [Ace](https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpost.php?p=2630304&postcount=2753) * **[SURF]** Removed *"surf_training"* from *"Beginner Surf Server"* - *"Stage 1"* was too hard for most people [2018-12-20] ------ * Disabled Holiday Mode on all servers - *sv_holiday_mode "0"* * **[SURF]** Added surf_training to the beginner server * **[SURF]** Start map on the *"Beginner Surf Server*" is now *"surf_reprise"* * **[SURF]** Added new "Experienced Surf Server" -> `` * **[SURF]** Disabled Replay Bot on both Servers due to major bug * **[SURF]** Updated rotating chat information * **[SURF]** Start map on the *"Experienced Surf Server*" is now *"surf_forbidden_ways_ksf*" [2018-12-19] ------ * Updated *"cleaner extenstion"* on all servers * Validated all server files and updated SourceMod/MetaMod again * Added [BOB](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198413312953) as trial-mod - welcome! * **[KZ]** Fixed the server, thanks again volvo.. * **[ARENA]** Fixed the server, thanks again volvo.. * **[SURF]** surf_mesa is now playable on the Experienced server * **[SURF]** Added surf_reprise map image to SourceBans [2018-12-18] ------ * Root Server Maintenance (Updates, reboot,..) - also fixed a CPU scaling issue * Updated to latest SourceMod and MetaMod version * Added new Surf Server to Homepage, Steam and SourceBans * Edited order ID's of our servers on SourceBans, Homepage, Steam and our *"redirect*" Plugin * Changed default restart time to 0730 CET (statistically this is the time where the least players are on our servers) * **[SURF]** Changed both *"welcome messages"* to reflect the difficulty of the current server * **[SURF]** Increased *"sv_airaccelerate"* to 200 on our Beginner Server * **[SURF]** ~~Decreased *"sv_airaccelerate"* to 100 on our Experienced Server~~ * **[ARENA]** Updated to latest RankMe Kento version [2018-12-17#2] ------ * Removed *"crobz"* as admin due to inactivity * Added [Joker](https://steamcommunity.com/id/1720068978) as trial-mod - welcome! * **[SURF]** Installed *"Stripper Source"* * **[SURF]** Fixed map crashes on certain maps (like surf_reprise) with Stripper config * **[SURF]** Added surf_reprise to our map pool (both servers) * **[SURF]** Various bug fixes on our Experienced Server [2018-12-17] ------ * SourceBans Web Permissions updated - will inform our admins soon on how to use the site * **[SURF]** Reduced maptime to 40 minutes * **[SURF]** Updated hidden commands with new ones users spam all the time * **[SURF]** Added Announcement for our Playtest Event * **[SURF]** Prepaired Surf Server Information (Easy and Hard Server) in chat rotation * **[SURF]** Experienced Surf Server created, still WIP - current settings: (64 tick, 16 Slots, Maptime of 15 minutes, Voicechat disabled, Prime Accounts only, seperate database and ranks) - more to come in the next days before our Playtest Event [2018-12-16] ------ * *"Full talk"* is working again - still so many small bugs from DangerZone.. :( * Updated to latest SourceMod version * Renamed some commands in the `!admin` menu * **[SURF]** Deployed fix for not chaning map after time is over - also second try for the famous *"VIP extend vote"* map change bug [2018-12-15#2] ------ * **[SURF]** Rebalanced early skill group progression and changed *"NEWB"* to *"ROOKIE"* * Added map images for our KZ Server to SourceBans [2018-12-15] ------ * Added [itiri](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124489219) as admin - welcome! * Fixed SourceBans bug where it couldn't send mails if you protested a ban * **[ARENA]** Fixed the server, last update broke some mods and corrupted the database * **[SURF]** Changed replay bot color/trail back to default cause of problems on certain maps * **[SURF]** Changed max players to 42 [2018-12-14] ------ * **[SURF]** Added `!howtosurf` command on the server, which will give you a link to a short youtube video explaining the absolute basics of surfing * **[SURF]** Tried a fix for map extend repeat bug (testing) [2018-12-12] ------ * Added [Sofie](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116559739) as admin - welcome! * Pimped our new [Discord](https://z4lab.com/discord) special thanks to Bob! * Small text tweaks for rotating chat information and custom z4lab commands * **[SURF]** Enabled voice chat again * **[SURF]** Decreased max players to 32 [2018-12-11#2] ------ * Modified community/server rules: https://z4lab.com/rules on servers type `!rules` * Added `!z4lab` command on all servers, which will give you additional information/commands * Updated *"welcome message"* with new rules and commands * Added command information to rotating chat information * Added map images for all servers (excluding kz for now) on SourceBans: https://bans.z4lab.com * Setup very basic Discord server: https://z4lab.com/discord [2018-12-11] ------ * Added *"set next map"* to `!admin` menu * **[SURF]** Startmap is now surf_lux * **[SURF]** Changed `!rtv` threshold from 60% to 55% * **[SURF]** Temporarly disabled voice chat, until we find a solution for the toxic part of the CS:GO Community (I'm sick of muting people) * **[SURF]** Changed Max Players to 64 (*performance test*) * **[SURF]** Changed map cycle to be chronicle and not random * **[SURF]** Changed replay bot color and trail * **[SURF]** Disabled team switch message * **[SURF]** Removed even more text string to reduce cluster * **[SURF]** Disabled *"saved positon"* after reconnect (performance) [2018-12-10] ------ * **[SURF]** Reduced maptime to 45 minutes * **[SURF]** Disabled the ~~*"randommapcyle"*~~ and *"nominate"* plugin * **[SURF]** VIP map extends are now 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes * **[SURF]** Changed a cKSurf text string to remove a bit of cluster when doing a lot of runs with stages * **[KZ]** Fixed stuck slopes [2018-12-09] ------ * **[SURF]** Added surf_lux - thanks to *Sofie* for the suggestion * **[SURF]** Made certain commands hidden in chat (like `!knife`, `!ws` and `!gloves`) * **[ARENA]** Added (*"sv_prime_accounts_only 1"*) - F2P Accounts won't be able to join the Arena Server [2018-12-08] ------ * Voice Chat should now work on both teams again (*"sv_alltalk 1"*) * Updated *"star-theme"* on our SourceBans Page * Small rotating chat info adjustments [2018-12-07] ------ Servers are working again, SourceMod was updated, thanks again to volvo for crashing community servers ever single update I will look into the possibility to add a *"Prime only"* Plugin for our Arena Server, the other servers shouldn't be affected by CS:GO going F2P * Added some chat aliases * **[SURF]** Disabled *"disconnect message"* * **[SURF]** Disabled `!pause` [2018-12-04] ------ * Fixed some typos * Changed default reboot time to 0630 (CET) every day [2018-12-03] ------ * Excluded last two played maps in *"randommapcyle"* * Disabled that idling players will be kicked (*"mp_autokick 0"*) - will add AFK Manager soon * Added chat aliases, for now you can type: `!homepage`, `!steamgroup`, `!link` and `!stats` (arena only) into the chat to get a response [2018-11-29] ------ * Updated rotating chat info again * Misc website changes * **[FFA]** Buffed health reward to 15hp/10armor for a normal kill and 30hp/20armor for headshots * **[PRACTICE]** Practice Mode will now autostart when you join the server [2018-11-28] ------ * Basic Homepage is now online: <https://z4lab.com> * Steam in-game Browser default Page: <https://z4lab.com/steam> * **[ARENA]** Changed ranking system to RankMe Kento * **[ARENA]** Arena Stats page moved (old link still works) [2018-11-27] ------ * Opened Staff Applications! apply [here](https://steamcommunity.com/groups/z4lab/discussions/0/1744478429695658752/) * Changed time between chat information to 80 seconds * streamlined csgoserver.cfg files * Last played map will now be disabled in *"randommapcyle"* * **[SURF]** Added custom titles * **[SURF]** Changed ingame ranks, type `!ranks` for more information [2018-11-26] ------ * Removed legacy SourceMods MySQL Admins - switch to SourceBans is complete * Fixed Lenni's Admin Menu problems :) * Removed the *"end of map vote"* feature, you should now use `!nominate` and `!rtv` instead - otherwise a random map will be selected * Updated rotating chat info with *"next map"* and *"timeleft"* information * **[FFA]** Some more Bot tweaks, changed their names to random z4lab bot names * **[FFA]** Added Admin Tags * **[ARENA]** Added Scout round, enable it with `!guns` * **[SURF]** VIP's can now extend the map 3 times for a total of 90 minutes [2018-11-22] ------ * Installed [SourceBans](https://bans.z4lab.com) on all servers * Moved our TeamSpeak Server and removed the password - you can now join via ts.z4lab.com or our Server Nick: z4lab * added [crobz](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198224711636) and [topdoge](https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198006301032) as admins - welcome! [2018-11-20] ------ * Deployed fix for client crashes on map change - contact me if you still have problems with this issue * **[ARENA]** Removed Pistol on AWP rounds - you nubs! * **[ARENA]** Added Country Tag to Scoreboard * **[SURF]** Fixed *"Timeleft"* Display on the server [2018-11-19] ------ * Enabled fastdl for *"sv_allowuploads 0"* users // thanks volvo.. * Added welcome message on all servers * Added rotating chat information on all servers * **[ARENA]** Added simple [Arena Stats Page](https://z4lab.com/arena/leaderboards.php) [2018-11-15] ------ * Installed the redirect Plugin on all servers, you can now use `!servers`, `!list`, `!follow`, `!hop` to list and change between our servers * **[SURF]** Player Gloves are now showing correctly if you own one * **[SURF]** Adjusted early player points (Map Records abuse) * **[KZ]** Removed: kz_reach_v2 * **[KZ]** Server restart map is now: kz_natureblock_go * **[ARENA]** Removed: aim_multi, am_dust2_cat, am_courtyard, am_dynasty, am_dust2, am_warehouse2 and am_warehouse3 * **[ARENA]** Added: am_texture2 and am_aztec2014 * **[ARENA]** Server restart map is now: am_grass2 * **[FFA]** Changed to D2 only mode, roundtime 15min * **[FFA]** Fixed 2 stuck spawn positions * **[FFA]** Made bots even harder (more tweaks are coming) [2018-11-13] ------ * Surf server is now running cKSurf and works on all maps * Restructured/modified game server files for future updates [2018-11-05] ------ * Added new KZ server connect * Fixed various sourcemod cfg files [2018-10-31] ------ * You should now always spawn with a knife on the Surf Server, if you are missing a pistol just type `!usp` in the chat [2018-10-27] ------ * Added welcome message * Added new maps to the Arena Server [2018-10-26] ------ * Made Bots on FFA Server much harder * You can now enable HS only mode on our FFA Server with `!hs` [2018-10-24] ------ * Installed "tuned" performance tool, server lag spikes should now be gone * Fixed maplist for admins